Friday, May 20, 2011

Archeops-Pokemon of the Week

Overview-Archeops is by far the best offensive pokemon (Meinshao is up there too) in the game. Archeops speed and special attack are over 350 and its attack breaks 400. This, plus access to powerful moves that cripple OU pokemon make it offensive must for any team.
Learnable Moves-                                  Learnable TMs
Quick Attack-basic                                                                  Check
Wing Attack-basic                                                                   Egg Moves
Leer-basic                                                                                Steel Wing
Rock Throw-basic                                                                    Defog
Double Team-level 8                                                                 Dragon Pulse
Scary Face-level 11                                                                  Head Smash
Pluck-level 15                                                                           Knock Off
Ancientpower-level 18                                                              Earth Power
Agility-level 21                                                                          Bite
Quick Guard-level 25
Acrobatics-level 28
Dragonbreath-level 31
Crunch-level 35
Endeavor-level 40
U-turn-level 45
Rock Slide-level 51
Dragon Claw-level 56
Thrash-level 61
Suggested Moveset                                     Max Stats at level 100
Stone Edge                                                                                     Hp:354
Acrobatics                                                                                      Attack:416
Earthquake/Crunch                                                                         Defense:251
Steel Wing/Dragon Claw                                                                 Special Attack:355
Nature: Hasty                                                                              Special Defense:251
Item:None                                                                                       Speed:350
Strategy using Archeops
Kill, kill, kill...This is what Archeops does. You hit hard and fast and destroy everything in your path. Stone Edge is strong with STAB and Archeops huge attack. Acrobactics is even stronger without a held item. Earthquake and Crunch are the 2 best physical attacks in the game, and will generally KO anything in 1 hit, even without STAB. Steel Wing is an alright physical attack, though I prefer Dragon Claw as it is super effective against Salamence and Garchomp and you are faster than them. Your bad defenses are ok because your bad ability cripples your offensive once your Hp falls below half. But if you him right Archeops will destroy an opponents entire team. Join me next time for pokemon of the week.

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